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Sometime in July

Submitted By Chibuzo Melvin Mobis

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Drama, Thriller
"The 5 months of hell she endured were destined to destroy her, but she decided to break free and live" When an innocent online meeting turns into a riveting nightmare, a woman's fight for survival overshadows any dreams of finding love. Alexandra me

Submitted By Freda Steffl

Chloe, a journey through life
Chloe talks about yoga, meditation and how to overcome difficulties thanks to these disciplines.

Submitted By Simona Mondello

Youngstown Metropolitan
Drama, Gay/Lesbian
A megalomaniac goes on an ego trip while attempting to make a movie based on his life.

Submitted By Patrick Naples

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Atlanta to New York
Romance, Comedy
Faced with the pressures of Montrell's newly found success as an actor, the media attention, and his groupies, Jasmine is unsure if she wants to take the next step and become his wife...

Submitted By Terence V. Steele

During the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, young man refused to kill a girl he liked, even under his father's furious pressure to murder her.

Submitted By Shema Deve

Adventure, Drama
An impressionable Launceston Elliot comes under the spell of the iconic Sandow The Magnificent. He seeks out his idol and becomes his protégée.

Submitted By Alexander Cooper

Interstellar Reptilian Elite 8000
Comedy, Sci-Fi
"Interstellar Reptilian Elite 8000" is a mockumentary of two friends who believe shape-shifting lizards control the planet.

Submitted By Ben White

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New York'd
Sean, a blue-collar New Yorker wakes up on Saturday morning, feeling really good about himself and his entire existence. He has no idea that a disagreeable delivery guy, a buffering porn video, and a locked door would turn his good day into a nightma

Submitted By karan choudhary

Corporate Girl (Short)
Drama, Comedy
A female investment banking associate at a male-dominated firm breaks the rules of office politics in attempt to salvage a failing project and her own sense of dignity.

Submitted By Ivana Strajin