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Orji Obiorah

Director, Film Historian
About Me
Orji Obiorah.
Film Historian | Film Maker.
BA (Hons) Film & Media Studies,
York University, Toronto, Canada.

Orji Obiorah is the owner & founder of Victoria Street Studios. His research interests include: Nigerian cinema; African cinema; British cinema; Experimental and Avant-garde cinema; Fiction and Documentary film theory; the History of cinema and Media studies; American populism in film and media; Third Worldist Cinema, and New Black cinema.

His research projects are titled: The Nigerian Video-film Industry: An Evolution from Cultural Ideological State Apparatus to a Cultural Exploitation State Apparatus (2010); Black Cinema: The Emergence of Black Diasporic Film Makers (2010); The Auteur Theory: The Weapon Of Calumny For Elitist Film Critics (2011); Film Remakes: The Dialogics of the Remake (2011).

Orji Obiorah is a film: Historian; screenwriter; actor; director; editor; critic; cinematographer;and the founder/chief executive officer of Victoria Street Studios (a film production and distribution company).

His short films and art-videos include: Gone too Soon (2009); Hotel Saint Lucia (2009); An OJ Obiorah Film (2010); Home (2010); My darling Media (2010); Whites were Blacks (2011);BET (2011); The Black Flaneur (2011).

Orji is currently seeking a distribution opportunity for his 67 minutes feature art-film titled ''Mrs. Jones''- produced in 2017.

As an intellectual film maker, Orji Obiorah chose to use his ''Nigerian Expressionism'' films to inspire an intellectual debate. He also aim to use his films as a tool to expose social malaise and bias.
My Films on NewFilmmakers Online

Mrs. Jones

Thriller, Romance

An unfaithful wife is compelled to make one decision. What will she sacrifice for love? Will she sacrifice her husband, lover, or her life?