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Felicia Mead

Director, Horror Film Writer, Producer, Writer
City:Los Angeles
About Me
Felicia A Mead Is the first African-American female from South-Central Los Angeles to come out as a horror film writer, director, and producer. She attended Los Angeles City College in (2011 to 2014 )for film and directing. She also attended West Los Angeles College in (2008 to 2011) for Multimedia. Felicia Mead funds her own independent horror films such as: The Confessions Of A Dark Mind Series, The Overnight Stay , The Lonely Man and A Sort Of Hunger which she partially funded. In January 2020 she done her first comedy commercial: Hotter Than A Mofo for comedian J Anthony brown for his up-and-coming feature film. In April of 2020 she wrote a script called Within Oneself. The script was selected in May 2020 and she won her first two screen writing awards fromThe Creepy Tree Film Festival and she was also selected in New Cinema Lisbon film festival , on July 4th 2020 she won for best script.
My Films on NewFilmmakers Online

The Lonely Man

Horror, Horror

a thriller-horror film about a guy named Mark. A 35-year-old man that has no life nor any family or friends. His only life is sitting at home on his laptop, with an addiction to a dating ..