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Fetal Distractions

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Contact: Mike Politis   
Starring: Jenny Lee Frasier, Kellyt Aulin, MJ Politis, Nigel Beardwood, Katie Fournell
Director: Kelly Aulin, MJ Politis
Writer: MJ Politis
Producer: Kelly Aulin, MJ Politis
Runtime: 90 min
Synopsis: 1950 Norway. Lorena, a down and out Auchitz survivor turned hooker on the run from her Russian pimp, encounters Prof Doctor Linquist. Linquist is a highly respected biomedical researcher who, with the help of his wife, makes contracts with hookers, has sex with them, then extracts out ther fetuses for ground breaking scientific studies. Lorena is very ok with the deal and develops strong feelings for Jon, her courageous bodyguard, Jon is also the Prof's prize researh student, who is far more innovative than his trusted and very jealous mentor. But Lorena is visited by the ghost of her mother, who died in the Nazi biomedical experimental camps and wants her to run away and trust no one. Lorena finds herself becoming close to the 'lump of flesh' inside her, seeking to do anything she can to keep it, and flee from her arrangement with the Professor. She is prepared to take with her anyone else who really wants to leave, as well as powerful biological formulas that can allow anyone to create life in his/her image, or destroy it world wide. Based on very true stories and how the biomedical research world was then, and still is now.
  Copyright: April, 2013
Genre: Drama, Thriller
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