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Contact: Yusuf Al-Rahman   
Starring: Gage Swint, Matoile Yilla, Miguel Medina, Mourtallah Al-Rahman, Nikita Tewani, Tia Ali, Tzeitel Abrego, Yusuf Al-Rahman, Naresh Kumar
Director: Hasan Muhammad, Yusuf Al-Rahman
Writer: Yusuf Al-Rahman
Producer: Hasan Muhammad, Yusuf Al-Rahman
Runtime: 74 min
Synopsis: Yusuf and Anisa have a strong, loving, relationship and a smart daughter Kalida. Yusuf loses his job, due to downsizing, close to the time of his daughter’s preparation for college. His family is very supportive despite not finding a job after countless interviews. Time passes as he has not found work and is starting to lose faith that he will find a suitable job. Despite the loving effort & support from his good wife Anisa, he finds himself caught between two worlds, stuck at a crossroad.

Yusuf seemingly ignores his wife’s plea, in the hope of securing a job from Dawood and begins a journey into dangerous territory. He’s challenged by all the things that can take a Muslim off of the straight path to destruction. Yusuf skips his wife’s birthday dinner date planned with their best friends, Saeed and Layla. Saeed sees him skip out at the restaurant and intervenes trying to lure him away from Dawood realizing he’s caught at a crossroad. Yusuf must choose between losing himself for a lucrative job or keeping his morality and declining the job to return home to his loving family.
Genre: Drama, Family
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Director, Editor, Post-Production Manager, Producer, Writer
Starring as: Yusuf

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"This amazing film has gone on to win 7 African Academy Award Nominati. . .[click for more]"

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