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Mars. Waves on the closest planet.

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Contact: David Gaspar   
Starring: Pablo Lecouey and Lucas Herrero. , Alejandro Artiles
Director: David Gaspar
Writer: David Gaspar
Producer: David Gaspar and Lina Badenes
Runtime: 8 min
Synopsis: How to speak of Lanzarote, and sport, without speaking of Lanzarote or the sport?
Lanzarote o ers extremely similar to the Planet Mars landscape. In this story I mix reality through a credible speech, with fiction. Mars allows me
to position myself to describe this island from the perspective of total surprise and ignorance about everything I'm finding. But how appears the
bodyboard here? Bodyboard as a minority sport, treat it as "that strange sport martians practiceā€¯ the ignorance of this sport becomes his di eren- tial value. About people who practice it, I decribe them as "the strange people who practice that strange sport". Through them, and through the guidance of a voice, I describe their customs, cuisine, lifestyle, flora, fauna, etc. I am indirectly describing the island of Lanzarote, but with surprise and self-estrangement to be finding all this on Mars. It is, therefore, a visual and sound story that describe with constant surprise and curiosity everything I'm finding on Mars. Visually, the image processing simulates a Martian landscape.
One aspect shared by Mars and Lanzarote.
Genre: Adventure, Action
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