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Kash (Puff)

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Contact: Souman Bose   
Starring: Akshay Kapoor, Disha, Joyonto, Kheya, Rajesh, Soumyajit, Subholina Sen, Souman Bose
Director: Souman Bose
Writer: Souman Bose
Producer: Souman Bose
Runtime: 70 min
Synopsis: Kashi Mehrothra, a youth in his early twenties is heavily influenced by Ram Sen, A "proletariat" who used to make a living by selling biris (small Indian cigarettes) and within a span of few years evolved into a huge capitalist.
Ram Sen preached: "????? ??????? ???? !" ("Indian cigar is the staircase to success! ")
Kashi Mehrothra, was heavily influenced by his philosophy as an adolescent.
He thought, if a man devoid of any formal education could do so much,he could do all this and more with a more sophisticated intoxicant-per say, a cigarette.
Hence, his fantasies of being the "Cigarette King" of India started taking over.
He got so much into cigarettes, his friends started calling him Kash, which
means a puff or a drag of smoke.
Motherless Kash, despite being born into an affluent business family relates more to the Proletarian philosophies.
He goes on a journey trying to make his bizarre ambition of opening a cigarette
Meanwhile, other forces are at work.
And Kashi Mehrothra's melancholic life transforms into a topsy turvy journey,
where his life is threatened by creatures from the super natural realm, viz. Jack Ketch.
Kash is a story of that journey.
A political satire. A horror tale. And all the drama behind a little puff of
  Copyright: 2013
Genre: Thriller, Horror
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