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That One Amazing Movie

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Contact: Imari Stevenson   
Starring: Alec Vanowen, Heather Fagan, Steve Keller, Theresa Giltord, Whitney Sockwell, Juan Gomez
Director: Imari "16 bit Imarea" Stevenson
Writer: Imari "16-bit Imarea" Stevenson
Producer: Imari "16-bit Imarea" Stevenson
Runtime: 150 min
Synopsis: That One Amazing Movie is the world's first micro-budget epic film. This film is unique because it is a hybrid, as it crosses 4K live action with CGI Japanese style inspired animation with both being two separate unique worlds with one being real, the other the virtual realm. Story wise, That One Amazing Movie follows the story of Matt Scotts (Juan Gomez) Steve Keller (As himself) and Drew Martin (Alec Vanowen) who are three psychological nearly suicidal ex-hackers who are trying to turn their lives around as VR designers. Their hopes lies in pitching their VR headset (The Hyper Mental Homeboy) to an elite trade show (ITS3) hoping to get invested and use that as a means of turning their lives around. Things get more "interesting" when three models played by Heather Fagan, Whitney Sockwell and Theresa Giltord, alliance themselves with the Mad Hardy Boyz (Matt, Steve, Drew) in their attempt to crush the manipulating mega-multi media corporation, Cinatas Yenom Media. That One Amazing Movie is a comedy drama which will leave you asking what's the line between virtual and reality and what is a man's purpose in life
  Copyright: Veon Prism Media TM
Genre: Comedy, Action
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