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Contact: Aaron Immediato   
Director: Aaron Immediato
Writer: Aaron Immediato
Producer: Aaron Immediato
Runtime: 16 min
Synopsis: A twist on classic vampire flicks, Dickeaters is a wild mix of horror, comedy, and drag. On the hunt for new bitches, a group of horny bros prowls the streets of Philadelphia late one night. Lured to a secret strip club by a suspicious new friend, it appears their wildest dreams have come true. From behind closed curtains emerges a trio of beautiful, scantily clad women wanting nothing more than to fulfill the bros' ultimate sexual fantasies. But as the strip show escalates, tables are turned when the sexy strippers transform into terrifying monsters: centuries-old, genderless creatures, skilled at seducing men and feeding on their manhood. Starring four of Philadelphia's most talented drag queens and filmed in Philly's famous "gayborhood," Dickeaters is a short film released in 2017, currently in development as a web series.
  Copyright: 2017, Aaron Immediato
Genre: Horror, Comedy
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