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His Fire, My Faith - The TV Series

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Contact: Ka Zarr Coleman   
Starring: Adiyb Muhammad, Carmella Denise, Ka Zarr Coleman, Therron Dumas, W. Keith Scott, Scott L. Schwartz
Director: Stephanie Carson, Ka Zarr Coleman
Writer: Ka Zarr Coleman
Producer: Joseph Dyer, Kookie Green, Ka Zarr Coleman
Runtime: 40 min
Synopsis: An Inspirational Drama 10 Episodic 40 minute TV/Web Series. Kimberly Williams (Protagonist) frequently can be found hanging out at dark karaoke bars at night, a constant day dreamer with hopes of one day seeing her name in the BIG bright shiny billboard lights. Kimberly, a devoted churchgoer by day, dedicated to helping her widowed father Jame keep afloat, while secretly hiding her deepest desire to become a superstar. She had always loved Loud Karaoke Bars with its doubtful, dark smokey rooms. It was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel Fearless and fantasize. On what seemed to be an ordinary visit to her favorite spot, she sees something in the distance, or rather someone. It was this handsome, yet dangerous looking figure of Kevin James (Antagonist). Kimberly gulped. She takes a quick glance at her reflection. She tends to be a Smooth, Impressive, hot tea drinking beautiful young, quiet lady to those who know her such as her best friend JAE. Her friends see her as a substantial, CIA saint. Once, she had even made a cup of tea for a charming old lady and man could she sing when no ones were looking. But not even a Smooth person like Kim who had once made a cup of tea for a charming old lady, was prepared for what Kevin James had in store today. As Kimberly stepped outside of the dark corners and Kevin comes closer toward, she could see the glint in his eye. Kevin surrounded with large men accompanying him. Kevin gazes at from a distance with the affectionate appeal yet the appearance of a crafty rattlesnake. He approaches her and says, in hushed tones, "I loved hearing you sang a couple of weeks ago and I want to discuss your future on my record label." Written By Ka Zarr Coleman
  Copyright: KA ZARR Entertainment, LLC.
Genre: Drama, Action
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