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Tangled Web

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Contact: Jeremy Ivy   
Starring: Bowie Hamilton, Denzel Johnson, Jeremy Ivy, Jeremy Sande, Sherri Eakin
Director: Kenny Davis
Writer: Jeremy Ivy
Producer: Jeremy Ivy
Runtime: 117 min
Synopsis: FBI agent Mark Brock becomes entangled in a criminal underworld he is investigating. The lure of money, drugs, women, and power is too much for him to fight, and he betrays his wife and country to be a part of that lifestyle. But he gets in too deep, and when one of his informants gets pulled in as a federal witness, the veil between his 2 lives begins to rip, so he kidnaps the witness. However, there was a larger plan in place, and part one of that plan? Kill Agent Mark Brock.
His widow, Kendra Brock, gets pulled into the middle of the investigation of her husband's murder while trying to come to terms with the fact her husband was not the man she thought she knew.
Who can she trust?
Brock's former partner Agent Robert West?
A mysterious group of government agents who pull both of them into their investigation?
She doesn't know if she can trust anyone... she only knows she needs the truth.
Genre: Action, Thriller
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Casting Director, Director, Location Manager, Location Scout, Actor
Starring as: JAKE

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