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The Big Payback

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Contact: Maziyar Khatam   
Starring: Dan Sanderson, Dylan Hatton, James van Langenberg, Sayla Vee, Soli Joy, David Richard
Director: Maziyar Khatam
Writer: Maziyar Khatam
Producer: Vladi Stepanov , Anya Chirkova
Runtime: 14 min
Synopsis: In an underground poker game, Alfie loses 20 grand to a Russian mobster Vladimir Pestov – just moments before the crime lord discovers Alfie’s affair with his daughter Bella. Pestov makes it clear that Alfie lives under one condition: if he pays an additional hundred grand on top of his already hefty debt.

Desperate and out of options, Alfie hires three thieves to rob a house for the money. It’s a success, at least seemingly. One of the three thieves, Rocco, realizes too late that the house they just robbed was in fact Vladimir Pestov's home. The terrified and paranoid thieves indulge in cocaine to calm their nerves while waiting for Alfie and Pestov.

Bones – thief number two – indulges in one line too many and overdoses. Rocco confronts Alfie outside about his deception, demanding a larger cut. But then Pestov arrives, who quickly puts an end to their discussion. Upon collecting the money, however, Alfie and Pestov find that it is no longer there. Instead they find the deceased Bones, with Pestov's wife's jewellery flowing out of his jacket pockets.

Seething, Pestov pulls out his gun, holding Rocco and Alfie hostage. Meanwhile, Jimmy – thief number three, in a wheelchair up until now – cannot help but smirk as he casually walks away with all the cash, seconds before getting hit by a random car.
  Copyright: Funny Bone Pictures
Genre: Comedy
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