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Contact: Joe Coburn   
Director: Katherine Foronjy, Joseph Coburn
Runtime: 90 min
Synopsis: Bottomfeeders is a documentary, telling a story in the pursuit of fame.
Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, and Twitter are where people go to get famous now...
but the cast and crew of the Staten Island Comedy Show are still making their play in public access.

'Bottomfeeders' is the true story of what it takes to make it in television...
public television.

Bottomfeeders is a world filled with colorful characters who are simply real life people. It's a Christopher Guest film come to life. An amazing group with the same collective goals, to make it big and get off the bottom, but all equally confused how to make it happen.

This film is a reminder that...
You're never too old to follow your dreams.

The Staten Island Comedy Show is a public access television program that just celebrated it's 10th year on the air.

The show's host and creator, Nevin Cummings, turned his love of late night talk shows into his own creative passion. Combining stand up and sketch comedy with musical performances, his 1 hour show has been recorded live, once a month, at CTV on Staten Island since 2007. Featuring local talent, the Staten Island Comedy Show has an amazing flavor unique to NYC's "forgotten borough."

Every great talk show host needs a sidekick, and the peanut butter to Nevin's jelly is drummer Freddy Coscia. His career has seen him play with some of the biggest acts of the 60s and 70s, while maintaining an equally impressive sense of style. His aggressive drumming and velvet jackets are right at home on Staten Island.

'Bottomfeeders,' often used as an insult in everyday life, is a term of endearment shared between the cast & crew of the show. Collectively this gang of misfits hope to one day swim up to the surface and take their place next to the big fish in television.
Genre: Documentary, Comedy
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