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Contact: Evan Patrick   
Starring: Ernesto Nodal, Tsveta Dimova
Director: Evan Patrick
Writer: Evan Patrick
Producer: Evan Patrick, Jon Bewley
Runtime: 7 min
Synopsis: Gloria expects an exciting and lavish mob lifestyle. Ernesto promises to deliver it. Instead, Ernesto works as a low-level bomb-maker and Gloria is often left alone in their suburban home. We see her doing menial chores, drinking daytime cocktails and reminiscing of more romantic times while violently chopping ice. She also watches a vhs videotape of her and Ernesto drinking faux-elegantly at a fancy restaurant, intercut with images of 80's wealth and success. It becomes clear that Gloria has become psychologically unhinged. And a choice is made in this unstable emotional state that has significant consequence. 'Vows' is an intentionally discordant mix of crime, melodrama and art film genres with influences that include Brian DePalma, Pedro Aldomovar, Wong Kar-wai and Chantal Akerman. Through specific visual references, the film is also an allegory of Donald Trump's myth-making narrative and its inevitable failure.
Genre: Drama, Thriller
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