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The Robert Yummy Sandifer story

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Contact: shaiking mathis   
Starring: Cornelius wells, Isaiah wells, julius flowers, zharria walker
Director: Shaiking Mathis
Writer: Shaiking Mathis
Producer: Shaiking Mathis
Runtime: 63 min
Synopsis: The Robert “Yummy” Sandifer Story is part 1 of 12 a current production series Chicago Chronicles.In 1994 Time Magazine covered the story about a 11 year old child (gang member) who is coerced by older gang members into committing felonious crimes and supposedly murder. Yummy is then killed by the older gang members in order to silence him before the authorities could find out who sent 'Yummy' on those murder missions. The story lines used in the movie are based on true events.Nicknamed Yummy because of his love of junk food, Sandifer was a young member of the street gang the Black Disciples. After committing murder, arson and armed robbery, he was executed by fellow gang members Cragg and Derrick Hardaway.Yummy is presented in this film as a ghost who haunts the son of Cragg Hardaway (Cragg Jr) an reveals secrets about his life an murder to Cragg Jr through his dreams.He warns Cragg Jr as he reveals stories of his life and others in the "Chicago Chronicles" series.
  Copyright: Shaiking Mathis 2012
Genre: Urban, Horror
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