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Contact: Bryan Ribeiro   
Starring: Alysia Dorhout, Corrie Legge, Kenneth Kriheli, Reginald Keith Jackson, Amelia Dudley
Director: Bryan Ribeiro
Writer: Bryan Ribeiro
Producer: Mike Chinea, Stanley Lozowski
Runtime: 120 min
Synopsis: Vi, an amnesiac, wakes up to find herself in a laboratory with a man named Ray, a charming but often violent jokester. After an initial confrontation they agree to try and escape and soon meet a cat-head hologram named Schro, the master control program who runs the facility they're trapped in. Schro explains they're in a game and that they have 90 minutes to get 9 points and leave safely. After Schro leaves, Vi and Ray figure the puzzle to the room and exit. Right before they enter a new puzzle room, Schro pops up and separates the two. She instructs them on an element of the game called the HH game (please see reference below) where - depending on their choices- the two will gain points or lose points. Vi and Ray both end up choosing HELP and gain points. They soon encounter and solve a second puzzle room and meet J.T.- a gentle giant type- and Matty- a cute but manipulative young woman. Schro assigns the four with different partners and eventually Vi teams up with Matty to solve one puzzle room and, later, Vi teams up with J.T. to solve another puzzle room. After some confrontations and point exchanges, finally, Vi and Ray are teamed up against the pair of Matty and J.T. and, after solving the last puzzle room, the team agrees to choose a HINDER. Turns out, Matty and J.T. choose HELP and Matty has J.T. attack Ray, who she deems a hazard. Vi helps Ray stop J.T. and they’re forced to kill him. Matty stabs Ray and Vi kills Matty soon after. Having lost his blood, Ray sends goodbye to Vi and Vi is left alone. Throughout, Vi has been having visions of different experiences- such as Ray choking her, J.T. snapping her neck, and the four of calling Schro to exit the game. Vi calls up Schro to ask what these visions are about and who she is and why she figures into this game. Schro reveals this as a test to see if Vi could make it through the game and make sure the players came out alive. Schro wants to try the experiment again but Vi wants to see something before she inevitably has to go through it again. Schro grants Vi to see the outside for a moment before the game restarts and she reawakens in the laboratory from where she started.
  Copyright: Bryan Ribeiro
Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller
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