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Shadowstar Returns

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Contact: James McKenzie   
Starring: Eric Pizarro, Joseph Fisher, Kevin James Molduene, Milan Stoessel, Nathan Ramsey, Randall Holloway, Moses Massena
Director: James McKenzie
Writer: James McKenzie
Producer: Michelle DePrizio, Schuyler Devonish
Runtime: 21 min
Synopsis: 'Shadowstar Returns' takes place in an inner-city Black neighborhood that was once protected by a vigilante named Shadowstar, who would stand up for those in danger and protect the downtrodden. However, Shadowstar has long since disappeared, and left the people to fend for themselves.

It is in this wake that we find Keiran, a young teenage boy who has decided that he and his friend Tyriq are going to escape this violent, inhospitable neighborhood and never look back. On the way out, they face danger at every turn, in the form of aggressive police, violent gangs, and specters of the past. In this world without heroes, who can the boys turn to to make it out alive?
  Copyright: James McKenzie
Genre: Action, Urban
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