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Contact: Dominic Traverzo   
Starring: Dante Traverzo, Floyd Bragg Jr, Jason Avery, Larry Thompson, Shelley Adelle, Larry Strauss
Director: Dominic Traverzo, Vincent Anton Obriskie
Writer: Dominic Traverzo, Vincent Anton Obriskie
Producer: Dominic Traverzo, Vincent Anton Obriskie
Runtime: 21 min
Synopsis: The original concept for Reggie was to make a science fiction film set in the American South, but with a more humanistic and meditative feel. Reggie, the main character, is forced to confront desires that he had repressed long ago. A choice in his past has damned him to where he is now. This film touches on not only grief, but also what will keep you going in the face of hopelessness. While there are special effects in Reggie, this is not a story built on that particular aspect of filmmaking. Rather, it is a simple story about a man, a brother, a family, a prisoner and that you are never too old or too comfortable to make a change.
  Copyright: 2017
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama
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