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Full Service

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Contact: KPage Stuart Valdes   
Starring: Chengusoyane Cargo, Wayne Maugans
Director: KPage Stuart Valdes
Writer: KPage Stuart Valdes
Producer: KPage Stuart Valdes
Runtime: 16 min
Synopsis: Abike, a Nigerian born oil industry executive and a Christian, is driving to a friend's by way of winding rural roads. When she realizes her tank is needling towards empty, she pulls into the only station she can find. There she is greeted by Scott, a local who inherited his business from his grandfather. Austin has never met anyone like Abike and she patiently dissects his assumptions about her and her life with humor and gravity, before leaving him to ponder their commonalties and her power. Full Service explores our propensity to stereotype others, our simplistic ideas around identity, and how we are all more complex than we seem.
  Copyright: 2017
Genre: Drama
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