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The Bandaged Heart

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Contact: Kai Liang   
Starring: Alex Eltzroth / Matthew D'Arcy / Daquan Wright / Eric Pleasant / Nick Mangino
Director: Kai Liang
Writer: Kai Liang
Producer: Isabella Sutton
Runtime: 17 min
Synopsis: A teen boy has been living in the woodwork area of a landfill set far on top of a hill when photographer, James, stumbles upon
him while taking pictures.
James approaches the teen boy to see bandages cover his face, only revealing his eyes. Soon after, three bullies enter the landfill to harass and severely beat the young man.

James intervenes to break up the fight and is successful. After, James reaches into his pocket and pulls out a colorful lollipop to give to the bandaged boy symbolizing a form of acceptance. The bandaged boy follows James back to his apartment where they kindle an interesting relationship.

At the apartment, the two drink champagne and smoke cigarettes together as a Chinese tune plays on the record player.
James talks about past lives, the meaning of life, and the fear of the future as the two form a bond visible to all audiences
that grows quickly as the night moves on.

Later in James’ bedroom the two grow closer and the bandaged boy decides to reveal what he’s been hiding behind
throughout the film. After revealing his true identity of ugliness and scars, James’ reaction pushes the teen boy away back
to the only place he finds refuge: the landfill.
The bullies return quickly to also see the teen boy’s revealed face where they bring the ultimate harassment and physical
abuse to him. They beat him and eventually shoot the bandaged boy.

Leaving this unique love story to end in tragedy as
the audience then sees the bandaged boy covered in blood at his death, gripping the colorful lollipop in his hand that
James game him.
Genre: Gay, Drama
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