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Star Child: A Fourth Generation

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Contact: Trisha Kirk   
Starring: Torrey DeVitto or Valery Ortiz or Monika Meyer, Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones)
Director: Scott McCullough
Writer: Judy Bednarek
Producer: Trisha Kirk-Associate Producer
Runtime: 90 min
Synopsis: A hard life on the streets with the San Chucos gang has made JOSIE SANCHEZ a tough-as-nails, single mom. Her 7-year-old daughter, RILEY, has haunting, black eyes and an intellect beyond her years. Troubled by her daughter's strange behavior, Josie takes Riley to see a psychologist who diagnoses her with a Dissociative Identity Disorder. Of high interest to the government, Riley and Josie are being watched.

Fired from the waitress job she hates after an incident with JACKSON TORRES, an ex-Marine with PTSD, Josie tries to make amends by offering him a place to stay for the night. When soldiers armed with M16s arrive, Jackson takes them out with
his handgun and they escape to a local motel where Agents in Black kidnap them.

After a heroic highway escape and stealing a Cadillac, Jackson drives to the home of fellow veteran soldier MIGUEL CRUZ. After Cruz contacts the NSA betraying them, they flee with Riley as Agents in Black relentlessly pursue them.

On the city streets, Jackson is recognized as the thief who stole the Cadillac. Josie is able to save Jackson and cut a deal after a martial arts gangster fights him. As they travel, Jackson realizes they are still being followed as Riley recalls that she has an implant tracking device that must be removed. When Riley is kidnapped, Jackson confesses to Josie that he’s an NSA agent that was recruited
to abduct her daughter. Despite his betrayal, Josie needs him to rescue Riley. Jackson aborts his mission to help them.

As they trek along the isolated desert, Jackson and Josie fall unconscious from dehydration. When they awaken, they are contained inside a secure cell. With their lives in danger, Jackson fights armed soldiers as they infiltrate a network of abandoned buildings - they discover Riley frozen in a cryogenic lab but are too
late to save her. After a failed escape attempt, they are strapped to metal tables and their selective memories erased with an injection.

Years later, Josie pours a cup of coffee for Officer Jackson Torres and his partner. Although they don't remember one another, Josie and Jackson experience an unescapable bond…
…and the memory of a child to save.
  Copyright: WGA, USA Copyright Judy Bednarek
Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi
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