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The Heritage

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Contact: Felipe Vianna   
Starring: Aldine Müller, Marcus Dioli, Mariana Hein, Rodrigo dos Santos, Shirley Cruz, Thogun Teixeira, Mel Lisboa
Director: Felipe Vianna
Writer: Felipe Vianna
Producer: Ilha Crossmídia
Runtime: 15 min
Synopsis: The Heritage focus on the lives of two sisters, Maria and Luciana, who grew up unaware of the frightening reality manipulated by their family for their own good, making them live in different worlds of illusion. The older sister, Maria, is an innocent and idealistic woman who is not even able to imagine the crimes committed so she could enjoy her privileged lifestyle. However the younger sister, Luciana, is a hedonistic, cynical and emotionally dysfunctional person, that uses sex and drugs to hide herself from responsibility and fears. Neither Maria nor Luciana are prepared when they suddenly inherit their grandfather's business and end up in a dangerous game of intrigue, manipulation and mystery. The Heritage will also discuss the future of water and the preservation of lands for conscious use. A social inheritance from the past, with nuances around the interests that affects all of us.
Genre: Thriller, Drama
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