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Yes, No, Goodbye

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Contact: Sommer Carter   
Director: Sommer Carter
Writer: Sommer Carter
Producer: Alejandro Dominguez, Brendan Jacob, Sommer Carter, Connor Hopkins
Runtime: 69 min
Synopsis: Documentary filmmakers travel throughout the United States to learn about the history and taboos surrounding Ouija boards. Find out what happens when the spirit board stops being polite and starts getting REAL.

The journey starts off in Baltimore, MA which is the home of the Ouija board, to learn more about the history and taboos surrounding Ouija. After learning more, the filmmakers journey to the Bible Belt to get a closer look at other taboo subjects like the witchcraft and satanic worship. Wrapping up the project is a visit to New Orleans to learn about Voodoo and get the male witch perspective on Ouija.

Is Ouija dangerous or does it have a bad wrap? Find out by watching Yes, No, Goodbye - The Spirit Board Documentary.
  Copyright: copperpotfilms llc 2017
Genre: Documentary, Cult
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