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Sisters Islands

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Contact: Miguel Angel Almagro Vargas   
Starring: Ayume Kohlens, Kasimir Poh Cieslak, Marlon Dance-Hooi, Cheryl Ivana
Director: Miguel Angel Almagro
Writer: Miguel Angel Almagro
Producer: Miguel Angel Almagro
Runtime: 20 min
Synopsis: On a boat, on their way to the Sisters Islands to scatter their father ashes, Nolan explains to his brother Magnus the legend of Minah and Linah, the two little sisters that gave name to the islands. After years of a broken relationship, this is the last chance to reunite with his emotionally distant brother. The story tells how the brave Minah swam in a stormy ocean following the fishermen boat that kidnapped her little sister Linah. A storm formed, and a huge wave engulfed the boat and the sisters. On the next day, the villagers found only two small new islands in the ocean next to each other. The legend brings up unresolved family issues between the brothers and Magnus scuba-dives alone, leaving his brother behind. In the deep waters, under a colossal storm, the brothers are forced to resolve their conflict. They will discover the buried secret enclosed in the depth of the islands.
  Copyright: Castle Island Pictures PTE LTD
Genre: Drama, Adventure
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