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Contact: loredana gasparotto   
Starring: Ande' Buch, Debra Pitkin, George V. Andreakos, Jon Shaver, Mark Vincent, Nina Roshelle, Trevor Swans, Laura Pellegrini
Director: Loredana Gasparotto
Writer: Loredana Gasparotto
Producer: Loredana Gasparotto, Dennis Valle
Runtime: 87 min
Synopsis: A film of great color and vitality, PENTIMENTO while transcendentally silly and filled with cheerfully ridiculous implausibility, aspire to be a mystery about Sofia, a young Romanian immigrant with a complicated past who is trying to recreate her life as a musical singer in New York City.
Here the plot exercises a balance between coincidence, surprise, and melodrama. But the characters have a weight and reality. They stand outside conventional life and its rules and yet affirm them. So Sofia enters her NY dream burdened with high rents, low wages, and barely any employment opportunities. Her life is threatened by the immigration process, her inability to find creative work, and her involvement with an American artist named Connor.
Much like Sofia, Connor has recently quit being a lawyer at his domineering and tyrannical father’s law firm to pursue a life as a painter. Like Romeo and Juliet, Sofia and Connor meet and are attracted to each other not only by their shared hardships but also by the shared idea to live true to themselves.  Once Connor's parents realize the depth of the couple’s love, they resolve to get rid of Sofia permanently. To do so, they hire the family’s right-hand man, Dominick, to get rid of her.
Dominick shows up at Sofia’s place armed with proof of a sordid secret from her past and threatens to reveal it to Connor if she doesn’t satisfy his sexual fantasies. The following day, Connor shows up at Sofia’s place only to find her mysteriously missing. He frantically looks for her, and when he asks his family for help, he discovers the truth about Sofia’s past.
 Nevertheless, Connor continues searching for her but in vain. Unable to find her, he shuts the world off and immerses himself in his art, hoping for some peace of mind.  He begins a series of Pentimento paintings, using some of Sofia’s early portraits. Then, in a new effort to find her, he confronts Dominick who reveals to him that he raped Sofia.
The confrontation turns into a violent and unexpected climax. Over the next few months, the Pentimentos are buried, forgotten, and become segments of a far away, almost enchanted city tale.  Desperately trying to find her Connor creates a video hiring a few city freaks called “the Jersey City anarchist gangs” and plasters Pentimentos prints all over an NYC wall….
  Copyright: Terremoto Productions
Genre: Drama, Comedy
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