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New York'd

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Contact: karan choudhary   
Starring: Kyle Mcilhone, Tamara Fine, Karan Choudhary
Director: Karan Cgoudhary
Writer: Karan Choudhary, Michael Anastasio
Producer: Richard Eric Weigle, Warren M Smith, Karan Choudhary
Runtime: 13 min
Synopsis: There are days when New York City seems to open its doors to you and every single piece falls nicely into place supporting the dream that brought you to that big wonderful city. Then there are the other days...the days when those same pieces become ill-fitting sharp-edged shards ganging up against you and any goal you may have. Those are the days when the cruel heartless city itself seems to be conspiring against you. Those are the days you know you've been...NewYork'd. Sean, a blue collar new yorker awakens one Saturday morning, feeling really good about himself and his entire existence. He has no idea that a disagreeable delivery guy, a buffering porn video, a locked door, the beautiful girl upstairs and even a pair of Batman boxer shorts will all participate in a chain of events that will turn his good day in an embarrassing nightmare. He simply got "New York'd" Watch might be next.
  Copyright: Karan Choudhary. All rights reserved
Genre: Comedy
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