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Contact: Kalvin Dobbs   
Starring: Wes - Ryan Rodriguez, Ash - Ryan Evers
Director: Kalvin Dobbs
Writer: Kalvin Dobbs
Producer: Diliana Alexander, Kalvin Dobbs
Runtime: 16 min
Synopsis: Ash, who has just recently gone through a messy breakup as a result of a meth addiction, decides to go out and dance the pain away. In an attempt to check up on him, his best friend, Wes, decides to join him. What starts out as a fun night between the two, turns into a night full of drugs and messy interactions when Ash decides to go home with an obvious drug addict, Will, instead of hanging out with Wes. Will ends up “g’ing out” (or overdosing on ghb) back at his place, leaving Ash there to take care of him. He thinks back to his breakup with Hudson, his ex-boyfriend, as he lays beside Will, and suddenly has the urge to go back to the club to make things right with Wes. However, he runs into Hudson instead, who is clearly not ready to talk things out. He decides to get fucked up and forget about it all, but can't even stand to be there once he finds that Hudson has his tongue down some other guy’s throat clear across the dance floor. He leaves the club and gets a call from his doctor, who tells him he tested positive for HIV, not an unlikely occurrence due to the copious amounts of sex and drugs he has been doing lately. And not to mention he hasn't been taking his anti-HIV medication regularly as well. He calls Wes in a cry for help, and waits for him at a hotel where his current state of mind and attire reminds him of how very out of place he is. Finally, the two friends make it to the beach to watch the sunrise, where Wes comforts Ash, who is able to come clean about everything. They stand up and yell into the ocean, “Fuck AIDS," a cathartic moment for Ash as he releases all of his pain. He stands in the water, soaking in the sun, and finally takes a breathe, a step in the right direction toward forgiving himself.
Genre: Gay
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