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The Red Goodnight

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Contact: John C. Koch   
Starring: Ana Ribeiro, Helen Laser, Joseph C. Reyes, Julie Ro, Keysha Llovet, Mitzi Peirone, Nancy Walsh, Nick Zibro, Yoshihisa Padilla, Zeshan Bhatti
Director: John C. Koch
Writer: John C. Koch
Producer: John C. Koch, Joseph C. Reyes, Nick Zibro
Runtime: 83 min
Synopsis: The Red Goodnight is a feature neo-noir written and directed by John C. Koch. The film enters the mind of a young fighter drawn by the lure of fame into a series of increasingly fateful choices. It is the fever dream of a guilty man and a cautionary tale about the corruptive effects of ambition.

Freddy (Nick Zibro), an amateur boxer, makes an impulsive bargain with Johnny Angel, a powerful impresario (Joseph C. Reyes), as he tries to gain favor with him. After a ghastly mistake, Freddy becomes trapped in a labyrinth of his own making. As darkness closes in, he is desperate to hide his actions from his kind-hearted neighbor Jill (Ana Ribeiro) as well as his doting mother (Nancy Walsh), but Freddy must face what he has done. Will he escape and can he ever atone for his sins?

Featuring not one but two femmes fatales, with indelibly seductive performances by Mitzi Peirone (BRAID) and Yoshihisa Padilla, The Red Goodnight oozes with a dark sensuality. Merging influences from classic film noir, mid-20th century European modernism, and auteur no-budget independent film, it is a boldly unique black-and-white visual feast. The film is an artfully done, thoughtfully made cinematic puzzle that leaves a viewer thinking long after they leave the theater.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Montana International Film Festival 2018, NewFilmmakers New York 2019, L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Script, & Film Festival 2019.
  Copyright: CR Pictures
Genre: Thriller, Drama
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