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Forgive Us Our Sins

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Contact: Antoine Gomire   
Starring: Andrew Gomire, Denika Donahue, Hardy Shorter, Mac Strongg, Mario Andre, Ree Polk, Ronnel Kemp, Shannon Ross, Taina Diosa
Director: Antoine Gomire
Writer: Antoine Gomire
Producer: Antoine Gomire
Runtime: 90 min
Synopsis: A fella named Losoul betta known as in Lost Soul who seen a ghost one early morning and got a spell put on him to do evil and when he realize the reason why God didn't forgive him for his sins is because he sold his soul to the devil and the devil had a whole on to him until one day he heard the news that his father died in so it hit em hard and felt a good spirit upon his eyes than went to Chicago to better his left but that didn't work, The devil had a sorcerer follow him all the days of his life and finally meet his maker but the maker was only trying to do is keep him from getting until the Kingdom because his days was soon numbered. Find out what happens deeply.
Genre: Drama, Thriller
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