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The Young

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Contact: Richard Martin Thompson   
Starring: Ben Longthorne, Darren Pritchard, Jordan Hayden, Richard Weston
Director: Richard Weston
Writer: Richard Weston
Producer: Richard Weston
Runtime: 176 min
Synopsis: The Young follows the story of a man (Cael) who leads a team of survivors through post apocalyptic England - half a century away, in an unforgiving landscape. Everyone is born into hell. After years of chasing, Cael is captured by 'The Front' - the most prominent faction of the destroyed government; an institution based on totalitarian philosophy. Politicians are soldiers. The state of affairs is based solely on rank and origin of birth - if you are not 'pedigree' you are looked down on.

After having imprisoned and tortured Cael for years, they look to take him on a journey as a means of disposing of revolutionaries he once raised. Calling a Sergeant from London, they promote him to Captain on arrival and put him in charge of proceedings.The mission is a punishment for Cael's war crimes against 'The Front' and all they stand for. He must make the decision to become part of a power structure and thus gain his 'freedom' or to fight against it once more. His family, still struggling on in the wilderness, wait for him as the road grows darker day by day.
  Copyright: Film Instinct
Genre: Underground, Western
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