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The Dancer Chronicles

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Contact: Lorna Ventura   
Starring: Elizabeth Parkinson, John Fedele, Manuel Herrera, Randy Davis, Stacey Haughton, Brittany Conigatti
Director: Lorna Ventura
Writer: Lorna Ventura
Producer: Robyn J Davis , Stepsister Productions
Runtime: 60 min
Synopsis: 1 min
Synopsis: This documentary chronicles the lives of dancers, living and working within the tight knit, professional New York City dance scene. From Broadway to American Ballet, this expose' shows the courage needed to remain resilient in an incredibly competitive environment. Six dancers, each at different stages of life and career, share their very personal stories. Their journeys encompass their introduction to dance, the realization of their passion and the obstacles they've overcome in the pursuit of success.The exposing interviews inspire a series of choreographed vignettes, showcasing the strength and individuality of each dancers experience. These intriguing characters allow us to live through triumphant, as well as, heartbreaking moments that are juxtaposed with breathtaking and electrifying segments of dance making for a compelling documentary.
  Copyright: 2011
Genre: Documentary
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Director, Director of Photography, Actress, Actor
Starring as: Jack James Patric Moran

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"A must see for any artist or person with dreams! "

"Do not miss this moving documentary film profiling six dancers fro th. . .[click for more]"

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