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Nicotine Stains

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Contact: Gerry Desposito   
Starring: Chris Ehling, Don McCutcheon, Kyle Duncan Graham, Lacy Hornick, Renee Sher, Sunny Williams, Matt Fowler
Director: Gennaro Desposito
Writer: Gennaro Desposito
Producer: Chris Ehling, Kimberly Desposito, Gennaro Desposito
Runtime: 75 min
Synopsis: Charlie (Matt Fowler) is a young college graduate stuck in a dead end factory job for Vellaro Tobacco. A life long smoker, he never turns down free samples from the company ‘cigarette girl’ Sugar (Renee Sher), even if they do contain a newly developed, synthetic tobacco. Charlie’s girlfriend Jen (Lacy Hornick) convinces him to quit smoking but little do they know the hold the new cigarettes have on Charlie. Between the withdrawal from the synthetic smokes and the stress of bi-polar disorder, quitting is a surreal experience of vivid nightmares and terrifying hallucinations. Soon the cigarettes have Charlie’s ear and begin giving him terrifying suggestions, pushing him to ‘taking care’ of his housemates Ryan (Chris Ehling), Christie (Sunny Williams) and Max (Kyle D. Graham) who are trying to keep him away from his habit. Will anyone survive Charlie’s attempt to kick the habit or will Charlie and his cherished cigarettes will live happily ever after.
  Copyright: (c) 2013 Brooklyn West Productions Inc.
Genre: Horror, Cult
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Actor, Choreographer
Starring as: Charlie Lewis

Assistant Director - 1st

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